The Power of Prayer

In Prayer on October 3, 2008 at 9:38 am

On this site I specifically encourage people to ask St. Therese to intercede on our behalf. I have many personal reasons for doing so, but the most important reason is that I truly believe she has intervened in a previous election, if not to ensure that a specific candidate won, then at least to assure me that I need not worry. Prior to now I have only shared my story with one other person, out of fear that some might see me as a “wack job”, and others might criticize my support for the candidate who won (however I am willing and able to defend myself on both counts!). Continue reading…

I was a sophomore in college during the 2000 Presidential Election. I have been interested in politics since I was at least eleven years old, so I had been following the campaigns and media coverage closely. It seemed as though our country was dangerously close to electing the Democrat ticket, which I opposed primarily due to their stance on abortion. The polls and biased media coverage made the situation seem dire.

I somehow found my way to St. Therese during college, and I prayed to her often for many different reasons. Part of what attracted me to her were the similarities we both shared, one of them being that we both had wished at times that we were born men so that we could be priests! So it was natural that when I felt hopelessness and needed reassurance regarding the election that I would turn to St. Therese. I remember that I didn’t pray for a specific candidate back then. While I certainly had my mind made up about who should lead our country, I had heard so many confusing opinions from the pulpit at church that I didn’t know if it would be proper to ask a saint to help a specific candidate win. So I simply asked St. Therese to pray that the best candidate for our country, the one who would best uphold the dignity of human life, win the election.

I watched all of the coverage on TV on election night, and as the numbers came in I continued to pray. The election was closer than anyone had anticipated, and I was losing hope quickly. Finally, it became clear that the result would not be known for several hours. I anxiously kept my eyes glued to the TV well past the time that the winner would normally have been announced. Suddenly, I smelled an overpowering scent of roses, as though a breeze had blown it toward me. The only thing I had in my room that smelled similar was a rose-scented bar of soap, but I knew it was tucked into a drawer in my dresser and could not have suddenly filled my room with fragrance. I turned from the TV screen to look toward the source, and see if I had perhaps left my dresser drawer open. The drawer was not open, and there was no source of a breeze. I turned back to the TV screen and to my complete shock there was a still image of President Bush with bold letters declaring him the winner. It took a few more days before the outcome of the election was officially resolved, but through the turmoil I kept in mind what I had experienced, along with a firm belief that it was a message from St. Therese.

I know that many Catholics would criticize me for my support of President Bush, but I believe he was the best candidate in 2000 and in 2004. He and his administration have done so much to uphold the dignity of human life that he is sometimes referred to as The First “Catholic” President. Just refer to this list of the progress that has been made under the Bush Administration. There is only one ticket this November that would uphold and continue the progress we have made. The stakes are even higher, and we need God’s help more than ever.

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